WildChina Offers Exciting Tours to Anhui, China

The New York Times recently featured a great story entitled, “In Anhui, China, Centuries-Old Charm“, detailing how this area, just 250 miles west of Shanghai,  has remained largely untouched since the late Ming and early Qing dynasties and is being embraced by young artists and entrepreneurs with a sense of pride.

WildChina, the award-winning sustainable travel company, offers a fantastic tour to Anhui, China called the “Ancient Villages of Yellow Mountain Trip”. On this tour travelers catch the sunset and sunrise atop Yellow Mountain and explore the terraced fields and bamboo forests of this little known Chinese countryside.  Along the way, they explore a  multitude of ancient villages, from the photogenic Hongcun, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the less-frequented merchant town of Chengkan.

On this 5-day tour, travelers  meet visit local communities and learn to understand the different histories and traditions that give each village its own unique character. For more information on this Anhui, China tour visit www.wildchina.com.

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Traditional bridge and Construction in Anhui, China.