Wie on Leadbetter; Leadbetter on Wii

In a story in USA Today, Michelle Wie upon winning for the first time as a professional in the Lorena Ochoa Invitational in Guadalajara, Mexico:

“I just feel such a wave of relief,” said Wie, who won in her 65th LPGA tour start. “There have been a lot of ups and downs. It hasn’t been easy. But my family, my friends, my fans, everyone — when I was at my lowest they were always there for me.”

“I know a lot of people talk about Stockton, but Leadbetter and I have been through a lot together,” Wie said. “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. But even at my lowest, he never gave up on me. I can’t wait to call him.”

In addition to promising professional golfers, the 27 David Leadbetter Golf Academies throughout the world also work with aspiring amateurs and any golfer dedicated to improving.

For golfers who do not have the time or budget to enroll in one of Leadbetter’s academies, Data Design Interactive’s new “My Personal Golf Trainer” game for Wii brings swing analysis and lessons by David Leadbetter into the home. Incorporating the Wii Balance Board and new for 2009 Wii MotionPlus Controller, this game is the first to analyze the full golf swing in 3D space and give feedback to include weight transfer, swing path, angle at impact, swing speed, and more. Then, using Leadbetter’s 7 Steps to a Better Golf Swing, “My Personal Golf Trainer” offers instructional videos and drills to improve the swing. In addition to training mode, the game includes a practice range and an 18-hole game. “My Personal Golf Trainer” will be available in early 2010 at golf shops and computer game retailers for $99.