Waggoner Ranch Sale makes the UK’s Daily Mail

The sale of the Waggoner Ranch to Stan Kroenke was displayed by the Daily Mail, a massive tabloid newspaper from the UK. Hall and Hall’s own Joel D. Leadbetter was mentioned in the story for his part in representing Kroenke in the sale. The 535,000 acre Texas ranch is believed to be the biggest in the United States within one fence, and it spans across six counties. To put that into perspective, it’s actually bigger than the city of Los Angeles. Along with the land sale, 7,500 cattle, 500 quarter horses, hundreds of homes, two main compounds, and more than a thousand oil wells across the ranch.

Stan Kroenke also owns the Los Angeles Rams and is the largest shareholder of the soccer club Arsenal. His wife, Ann Walton, is the daughter of Bud Walton. Bud and his brother Sam were the founders of Wal-Mart. Walton and Kroenke’s combined are reportedly worth more than $12 billion.

See the story on Daily Mail here.

The ranch, which is spread over more than 800 square miles, has 7,500 cows and 500 quarter horses

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