Prodijee Profiles Ride and Seek’s Vietnam Adventure

Prodijee, one of Australia’s best lifestyle news magazine and website, recently featured an article on Ride and Seek’s Coastal Vietnam cycling adventure. Ride and Seek’s Coastal bike tour appeals to families and non-riders, as much as it does for avid cyclists. With easy international access, this tour provides for a convenient and rich Vietnam experience.

Ride and Seek, Vietnam, guided bike tour

An excerpt reads:

Ride & Seek, creators of the epic Hannibal and Napoleon cycling tours, has announced a family-friendly ‘Coastal Vietnam’ cycling holiday designed for both cyclists and their non-rider family members. Using two centrally located 4-star hotels in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Hue and Hoi An.

Each day, Ride & Seek guides will offer optional morning rides (70 -100 km) with the aim of being back at the hotel in time for lunch and traditional tourist activities, ranging from exploring historic sites and National Parks to lounging on the beautiful beaches of Hoi An.

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