Unique Homes features Hall and Hall’s Choteau Mountain Ranch

The Spring 2011 issue of Unique Homes magazine features a Montana cattle ranch for sale listed by Hall and Hall for $10.995 million. Choteau Mountain Ranch, located on the Rocky Mountain Front, covers an area of 8,500 acres, which is used to raise organic beef.

To see the story in the digital edition of Unique Homes, click here and go to page 20. Lauren Varga King writes:

Situated to take in mountain views, the southwest-style residence affords a 5,300-square-foot open floor plan. A fireplace, built-in bookcases and natural stone and pine log beams bring character to this residence. With all the creature comforts one could imagine, this ranch offers luxury as well as a natural habitat for Montana’s big game species.

In fact, all of Montana’s big game species can be found on Choteau Mountain Ranch, including mountain goats, elk, grizzly bears, moose, and wolves, among others.

This Rocky Mountain ranch, considered luxury ranch real estate, is private but accessible. The town of Choteau is only 17 miles away on paved roads.

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