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Travel + Leisure (T+L) just released its “A-List”: a comprehensive list of the 137 Top Travel & Leisure Best Travel Agents for 2011.

“Whether you’re looking to plan the trip of a lifetime, secure a great guide, or snag a hotel upgrade, booking with an expert beats the click of the mouse any day” said T+L.

T+L “evaluated thousands of agents to come up with this highly selective list of the best in the business.”

Here are a few of our favorite travel destinations and the corresponding best travel agents:

ChinaMei Zhang
Excited About: A lack of infrastructure had slowed travel to Diqing, in Yunnan province, but a road completed last spring is already creating a spike in tourism to its newly unesco-designated Three Rivers region.
Years as Agent: 11.
Other Specialty: Tibet.
Fee: From $400.

Galápagos – Brian Morgan
Excited About: The new eco-conscious cruise regulations, which will help protect the area’s natural wonders. The standards stipulate that no operators may offer tours of longer than 15 days.
Years as Agent: 12.
Other Specialty: Peru.
Fee: $400.

Adventure – Mollie Fitzgerald
Special Booking: Fitzgerald planned an around-the-world trip that included camping in Antarctica and gorilla trekking in Uganda.
Years as Agent: 26.
Other Specialty: India.
Fee: From $250.

When thinking about traveling “off-the-beaten-path”, whether a trip to the Galapagos or China adventure travel, you can trust these leaders in travel to provide you with an unforgettable experience.