Doug Bardwell’s Top Winter Cycling Tours Features Multiple Clients

Doug Bardwell recently featured multiple clients and their cycling adventures in an article for the “6 Top Winter Cycling Tours.” With two adventures a piece, we were excited to see Ride and Seek, Adventure Life, and Ciclismo Classico fill the list. For Ride and Seek, both the Untouched Vietnam Cycling Tour and the Tasmania Bike & Hike appeared. Adventure Life had it’s Columbia biking adventure and the Cotopaxi Mountain Biking featured. Ciclismo Classico ended up with their Canary Islands Cycling Tour and Chile by bike adventures rounding out the 6 top winter cycling tours.

Doug Bardwell, Top Winter Cycling Tours

An excerpt from the story reads:

As travelers opt for more active and adventurous vacations, bikes are becoming a preferred vehicle to see the world, both here and abroad. Moreover, a swelling number of holidaymakers from all disciplines are jetting off on warm winter cycling tours during winter months. Touring by bicycle allows for a more active and intimate experience than riding in cars, buses or trains, and it affords the ability to cover more ground than walking. Below is a list of six of the best winter cycling tours and the travel companies offering them.

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