Ranch Real Estate Client Profiled by Wall Street Journal

Jim Taylor, a real estate partner with our longtime client Hall and Hall, was recently profiled by The Wall Street Journal in a story entitled “Brokers Who Bet on a Few Sales”. The multiple page feature highlights several brokers who spend their time focusing on only a few elite properties each year.

An excerpt from the story reads:

In the end, more often than not, deals for once-a-year brokers occur through referrals and long-term relationships. Years ago, Chuck Pfeifer, a film producer, says he heard a well-known Newport, R.I., socialite and a Citibank executive discussing Montana properties at a posh racket club in New York City. Mr. Pfeifer interrupted the men and asked whom to call to help him find his fantasy of a cabin on a trout stream. “They both said, ‘Jim Taylor,’ with no hesitation,” recalls Mr. Pfeifer, who has bought two properties and sold one ranch through Mr. Taylor. So when Mr. Pfeifer put one of his ranches on the market with the Montana broker about six months ago, he was elated when in just three weeks an offer came through from a hedge-fund executive in Seattle. Says Mr. Pfeifer: “It’s all about the personal references.”