The invention of the golf stand bag

SkyCaddie blog contributor Matt Snyder recently posted an interesting story about the evolution of the golf bag.

We agree with Snyder’s assertion that, “for years, walkers were forced to carry bulky golf bags that were more of an obstacle than an aide to their game.”

In the late 70’s/early 80’s Rick Reimers, the founder of Sun Mountain, noticed the same lack of quality and function in golf bags that Mr. Snyder noted. In response, Reimers is credited with creating the first lightweight golf bag.

While Mr. Snyder’s blog does mention Sun Mountain we think some of the details bear mention.

Sun Mountain’s revolutionary first carry bag, BACK 9, was made from nylon resulting in a bag that was durable and less than half the weight of traditional golf bags.

The BACK 9 was more revolutionary than fiscally successful and set the stage for the introduction of the FRONT 9 in 1984. The FRONT 9 offered the light weight and durability of the BACK 9 with the addition of a molded top and bottom. The Front 9 led to the Ping L8, which Sun Mountain manufactured for Ping. Shortly, the FRONT 9 was copied to the point that its form became the industry standard for carry bags.

In 1986, Sun Mountain made what is considered by most to be the single biggest breakthrough in the modern golf bag with the invention of the first golf bag with built-in legs. The golf stand bag was born, and it was called ECLIPSE.


Follow this link for a more complete Sun Mountain company history. Click here to view images of Sun Mountain’s most innovative products, including golf rain jackets and golf push carts.

To answer Mr. Snyder’s question, “who’s going to be the first company to lead the way in bags that are designed for pushcarts?” the answer is Sun Mountain.

Sun Mountain has been offering the SCB and SCB Deluxe for use on the company’s Speed Cart push carts for several years and more recently introduced the MCB for use on the company’s newer line of Micro Cart push carts.

Click here to see the full line of Sun Mountain products.

Micro Cart

Micro Cart

Speed Cart V1

Speed Cart V1