The Cycling House Tour de Montana in San Francisco Chronicle

The May 30th edition of the San Francisco Chronicle included a nice write-up about The Cycling House Tour de Montana road bike ride.

The story said:

Five scenic mountain passes and four days of riding – up to 370 miles – are on the itinerary of the Cycling House’s Tour de Montana, offered July 14-20 and July 23-29. The fully supported ride, round-trip from Missoula, includes tent camping and all meals for $1,395.

The Cycling House epic Tour de Montana road bike ride begins and ends in the funky college town of Missoula where a river literally runs through it. The first day of riding is almost entirely flat through the Bitterroot Valley with creekside camping that night. The next day, the climbing begins with a six-mile climb to the top of the 7,000 foot Lost Trail Pass. The climb is paid off with a beautiful descent into the Big Hole Valley, surrounded by four mountain ranges.

The next day’s ride cuts through the heart of western Montana ranch lands and ends at Georgetown Lake. From Georgetown Lake, Day 5 is a descent out of the mountains and back into the plains and farm land ending in Ovando, Montana. This day has an amazing optional dirt section that is Montana’s version of a smooth(ish) Paris Roubaix section.

From Ovando, the mode of transportation changes to the floating variety for a float down the big Blackfoot River, famously depicted in the classic “A River Runs Through It”, and back to Missoula.

In all, Tour de Montana is seven days and six nights with four days of riding up and over five mountain passes and across 320 – 370 miles of amazing western Montana beauty.

To learn more about Tour de Montana and The Cycling House visit or call 406-219-1318.


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