The Cycling House and Its Founder Owen Gue Honored

Congrats to Owen Gue and The Cycling House on being included in the 2014 “20 Under 40: Honoring young western Montanans making a difference.”

Owen is the president of bicycle tour company The Cycling House that offers bicycling camps in Arizona, Montana, France, Spain and beyond.

Montana-born Gue founded The Cycling House in 2005 upon his desire to find the ideal winter training location for bike racing and a way to pay for it.

Owen settled upon Tucson, Arizona, mapped out some awesome training rides, scheduled week-long bike racing training camps and The Cycling House has blossomed from there. For 2014, The Cycling House is offering 30 weeks of camps including 18 winter weeks of bike race training in Tucson, week-long summer bike training camps in France and Mallorca, Spain, two point-to-point rides called Tour de Montana, two weeks of mountain biking camps in Whitefish, Montana, road bike riding tours in and around Glacier National Park, a race called the Montana Hell Ride, and more.

The newspaper story says that Gue grew up skiing and cycling in the mountains around his hometown of Missoula, Montana. He was caught up in the competitive bike racing world, but gave up the hectic schedule to focus on the business.

Now, The Cycling House helps other people get out on the open road. The trips his company puts together draw clients from all over the world.

The article quotes Owen saying, “It’s like a six-day getaway, where you go to a destination and we pretty much take care of everything,” Gue explained. “We have a chef on staff and we do all the food. It’s healthy, clean, endurance sport-specific food. We have a bike mechanic. It’s really focused on the experience. We offer a fully supported ride. We pick you up at the airport and you don’t have much to worry about other than getting out and riding. We basically take out all the stress that comes with traveling and trying to put together the logistics of one of these trips.”

The average rider is between the ages of 40 and 55, Gue explained.

“It’s professional people that are looking for a vacation but they’re passionate about riding,” he said. “They want to go and get some good hard riding in. The group dynamics are really fun. The groups are on average 15 people. There are varying ability levels and what we are really good at is making sure people feel OK. That’s where our staff and guides come in.”

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