Tee Times tests My Personal Golf Trainer

Tee Times reviewed Data Design Interactive’s “My Personal Golf Trainer” and found it to be “much better than an instructional video or book.”

“My Personal Golf Trainer” takes the Wii beyond a game console and transforms it into a training device. Incorporating the Wii Balance Board and the new Wii MotionPlusTM Controller, “My Personal Golf Trainer” analyzes grip, posture, alignment, ball position, coil, swing shape and tempo. Instructional videos and drills within each of these seven basics allow players to improve their swing step-by-step. They will graduate from training mode to the practice range and then play a full 18-hole game.

Reviewer Michael Herzog writes:

If you are a beginner or an aspiring mid to low handicapper then I think you will benefit from using My Personal Golf Trainer. The software will help you to improve your posture, weight transference and swing positions as well as helping you to understand how this affects your angle of attack and shot shaping. Even though the Wii remote is thicker than a normal grip, you will be able to combine what you learned from the swing analysis with using a real club on a range, to ingrain your new swing, before taking it to the golf course.

Overall, “My Personal Golf Trainer” on the Nintendo Wii is much better than an instructional video or book because of the personal interaction it provides. It is a very impressive use of the technology available with the Nintendo Wii platform partnered with one of the best teachers in the business.

Data Design Interactive is a leading international developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software products for Microsoft, Intel, Sony and Nintendo. The company has built a diverse portfolio of products that span a wide range of categories and target markets. The company’s new “My Personal Trainer” series launches an exciting new genre in computer sports using the world’s greatest sports experts to teach and guide players through real sports in the comfort of home. For more information, visit http://www.datadesign.uk.com.