suggests trips with WildChina to beat the crowds reports China is on track to “become the most popular destination for tourists in the world by the end of the decade.” For travelers looking to experience all that China has to offer, from city life to off-the-beaten-path communities, WildChina can make the necessary arrangements.

United Nations World Tourism Organization data show that 53 million international travelers went to China in 2010. Currently, the country is the third most visited international tourism destination. offers two WildChina trips to consider.

To escape the crowds, WildChina offers adventure travel vacations to remote destinations where travelers have the opportunity to interact with the locals. One of these trips is called Soul of Tibet. The itinerary includes stopping at Tibet’s first monastery, the Samye Monastery, as well as the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, which was founded by the first Dalai Lama. WildChina has also arranged for time with a local medical expert, who shows how Tibetan tradition influences the region. Travelers may also choose to extend their Tibet adventure travel trip with a journey to Mt. Everest Base Camp. NOTE: Tibet has been closed to foreign visitors since March, but WildChina explains the ban does not include all Tibetan regions in China.

For a more active China adventure, consider the Salween to Mekong Trek, which involves hiking the mountains between the Salween and Mekong rivers, camping, and exploring Tibetan communities along the way. The final destination is Shangri-La.

WildChina is a premium, sustainable travel company based in Beijing. Started in 2000 by Mei Zhang, a native of Yunnan Province and a Harvard MBA, WildChina creates bespoke trips highlighted by rich personal interactions and superior access to experts and venues. Whether you are interested in seeing an untouched landscape, or exploring another side of Shanghai, WildChina’s journeys will undoubtedly allow you to Experience China Differently.

Image of a Tibetan Catholic church in Yunnan from WildChina's adventure journey

Courtesy of WildChina: Salween to Mekong