Tammany Castle featured as Luxist.com’s Estate of the Day

A new listing by Hall and Hall, Tammany Castle in Montana, is featured as Luxist.com’s Estate of the Day.

Deidre Woollard writes:

Today’s estate is a bit of a fascinating one in Montana that links back to the earlier history of this Western state. It was created by copper king Marcus Daly to celebrate the successful run of his prize thoroughbred, Tammany, against Lamplighter in the 1893 Stakes race. Daly had vowed that he would build Tammany a castle should he win against Lamplighter and so he did. Tammany retired to an elegant stall where rumor has it fresh flowers were delivered daily.

The building was remodeled in 2008 and now features four bedrooms, a large conservatory/living area, library and modern kitchen. The home, listed at $2.95 million, measures 5,400 square feet and occupies a 12-acre swath of land.

Situated on top of a bluff overlooking the Bitterroot Valley, this luxury ranch home is located close to both the private jet port in Hamilton and Charles Schwab’s private Stock Farm Club.

Hall and Hall is a ranch real estate company that emphasizes land stewardship.