Sun Mountain’s history is rich with innovation

In the 1970’s, Rick Reimers, a golf pro in San Jose, California, recognized room for improvement in the design of golf bags. At that time, golf carry bags were relatively heavy and constructed from cotton and vinyl. Reimers’ quest to design a superior, lightweight golf bag led him to the materials and construction techniques being used by backpack manufacturers. Sun Mountain’s revolutionary first carry bag, BACK 9, was made from nylon resulting in a bag that was durable and less than half the weight of traditional golf bags.

The BACK 9 was more revolutionary than fiscally successful and set the stage for the introduction of the FRONT 9 in 1984. The FRONT 9 offered the light weight and durability of the BACK 9 with the addition of a molded top and bottom. The Front 9 led to the Ping L8, which Sun Mountain manufactured for Ping. Shortly, the FRONT 9 was copied to the point that its form became the industry standard for carry bags.

In that same year, Reimers moved Sun Mountain to Missoula, Montana. In Montana, Rick found a dedicated work force with a knowledge of fine, functional sporting equipment and an understanding for doing things the best way, not just the easiest way. Not to mention the beautiful scenery and abundance of outdoor pursuits.

In 1986, Sun Mountain made what is considered by most to be the single biggest breakthrough in the modern golf bag with the invention of the first golf bag with built-in legs. The stand bag was born, and it was called ECLIPSE®. The next several years were a blur as Sun Mountain worked to keep up with the unbelievable demand created by the ECLIPSE and the creation of the stand-bag.

Several industry firsts and patented advancements followed: the drop-top that allows easier access to short irons and the ability to pull multiple clubs at a time, the roller bottom stand mechanism and Y-spring that enable the legs to retract tight to the bag, elliptical-topped bags that carry closer to the body, and more.

In 1990 Sun Mountain introduced the first outerwear designed specifically for golfers and changed how – and when – the game is played. Sun Mountain’s Headwind® was the first two-ply windshirt on the market. In 1991, Sun Mountain introduced the golf world to the benefits of fleece with the introduction of Golf Fleece.

In 1996 Sun Mountain unveiled their Dual X-Strap® Technology that allows the weight of the clubs to be shared across both shoulders in an easy on /easy off design.

Sun Mountain invented a new category of golf products once again with the introduction of the first easily foldable push cart, Speed Cart®, in 1999. A return to walking the course ensued and continues today.

In 2001, Sun Mountain led the way with the introduction of the first full-featured ultralight stand bags with the Superlight 3.5 and Superlight 2.5, weighing 3.5 and 2.5 lbs. respectively.

2003 marked the invention of the Roller Top™ handle and the Lightning golf bag. The Roller Top handle gives golfers a solid place to grip and makes removing the bag from the shoulder and activating the legs one fluid motion. This handle gave way to the top-collar handle present now on several bags in Sun Mountain’s line.

In 2005 Sun Mountain electrified the push cart category with the introduction of the self-propelled Speed E CartTM.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the innovators at Sun Mountain struck again in 2006 with the introduction of RainFlex® outerwear. Uniquely, RainFlex is constructed from a knit fabric that is waterproof and breathable. Importantly, as the name suggests, RainFlex is a flexible fabric that stretches with the golfer’s movements and is virtually silent.

In 2007 Sun Mountain introduced the first waterproof golf bag. The line now includes stand and cart bag models called H2NO. In 2008, the company unveiled the ZERO-G® stand bag with a hip belt that allows the weight of the clubs to transfer to the lower body and give the feeling of weightlessness, and the ClubGlider® travel bag with extendable legs and wheels that support 100% of the weight.

In 2009 Sun Mountain rolled out a new, lighter, more compact push cart called Micro Cart. And for 2010, the Micro Cart gets a motor in the new Micro E Cart.

Stay tuned as Sun Mountain continues tinkering with perfection.