Sun Mountain Micro Cart umbrella holder

In the November 25 issue of, writer Kiel Christianson posted a thorough review of the Sun Mountain Micro Cart and the new bag designed specifically for the Micro Cart,  the MCB.

One point in the review is about the ingenious umbrella holder. (Anyone who has a Sun Mountain Speed Cart will recognize this useful device. ) Kiel mentions that it would nice to have some sort of an anchor to hold the umbrella in the umbrella holder when the wind is blowing.

Well, as a matter of fact, the umbrella holder does have an elastic strap that serves that purpose. It could be that the solution is so simple is it overlooked. Simply lift  the elastic strap up and over the umbrella holder before threading the holder onto the cart handle. Place the umbrella into the holder and then stretch the elastic strap up onto the top of the umbrella handle.  The elastic strap pulling down on the top of the umbrella handle is an effective anchor to the hold the umbrella in place when the wind kicks up.

Also, new for 2010 Sun Mountain will be selling an accessory that will allow the angle of the umbrella to be adjusted independent of the angle of the cart handle.