Space Holidays: Astronauts from Russian Soyuz Capsule Return

The excitement surround the Russian Soyuz capsule returning from the International Space Station and touching down safely in Kazakhstan early Nov. 22,  provides a great opportunity to talk about one of the most unique space holidays in the adventure travel industry, MIR Corp’s Inside the Russian Space Program 2012.

This 10-day tour happening only once in 2012 affords guest an opportunity to witness the manned launch of the Soyuz spacecraft on one of  its missions to relieve the crew of the International Space Station, with unparalleled access to VIP viewing areas and briefing sessions.

After taking in the iconic sites of Moscow, guests experience  the live Soyuz-International Space Station docking at Mission Control Center, an event that very few get to experience in such an intimate way. If you’ve ever dreamed of space travel, this is one of the finest space holidays available. The itinerary includes all sorts of insider perks, including rubbing elbows with cosmonauts over dinners and events; and, for an extra fee, cosmonaut training.

For more information about our tour dates and price options, contact Douglas Grimes at 1-800-424-7289 or via email at

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U.S. astronaut Michael Fossum minutes after landing near the town of Arkalyk, northern Kazakhstan,Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011. (AP Photo/Sergei Remizov, Pool)

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U.S. astronaut Michael Fossum, Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov and Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa smile from inside the Soyuz capsule minutes after they landed near the town of Arkalyk, northern Kazakhstan,Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011. (AP Photo/Sergei Remizov, Pool)

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Russian support personnel work to help get Expedition 29 crew members out of the Soyuz TMA-02M spacecraft shortly after the capsule landed with Expedition 29 Commander Mike Fossum, and Flight Engineers Sergei Volkov and Satoshi Furukawa on November 22, 2011 outside of the town of Arkalyk, Kazakhstan.