Scotland Herald takes a look at Antarctic Dream’s crew, passengers

The Herald Magazine, published in Scotland, went behind the scenes on board the Antarctic Dream to find out who’s running the show and who’s along for the ride.

Antarctic adventure travel involves crossing the Drake Passage, known for its turbulent nature, and navigating waters strewn with icebergs. A crew of experts keeps guests safe while providing education and entertainment. One such crew member is Rodrigo Tapia, a penguin expert with nearly 20 years of experience in Antarctica. Tapia originally traveled to Antarctica for scientific studies on ornithology, and now for the past six years, he has been a lecturer and tour leader on Antarctic cruise ships. In addition to Tapia, the Antarctic Dream crew includes specialists on whales and seals, human history, and photography.

As for the passengers, they comprise an international group eager to experience the world’s largest and most remote continent. Frank McPherson, who grew up in Paisley, Scotland, and moved to Canada, had been excited to visit Antarctica since he was a child.

The Herald’s Jamie Lafferty writes:

Half a century later, he is not disappointed. Antarctica met, and surpassed, every fantasy he had been nurturing.

“For me this was something else, something spiritual – this was the soul reaching out. I almost thought I had been here one time before, because it drew me back,” he says sombrely, as we turn for home over the Drake Passage. It’s unusual to hear him talk this way. Until now, his unbridled excitement has been infectious. “The size is just unbelievable, the enormity of the landscape is phenomenal, the richness of the land, unreal.”

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