Salad Days for Autumn: The Myrtle Leaf featured in Newsday

In a recent Newsday article about fruit- and veggie-based fall skin care products, The Myrtle Leaf’s “Cool Cucumber” facial mist made the list as one of the top skin products for skin care line, fall skin care, pure skin care, The Myrtle Leaf, Newsday

When used immediately prior to moisturizing, facial mists help carry essential nutrients deep into the skin, providing complete hydration for the body’s largest organ. The Myrtle Leaf’s newest product, the “Cool Cucumber” facial mist, contains the necessary nutrients to stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells and leave skin looking radiant at any age. Like all of The Myrtle Leaf’s pure skin care products, this unique anti-aging mist is formulated using only pure, all-natural ingredients and is hand-crafted in small batches several times per week.

Quality ingredients are the key to superior skin care. For the past 12 years, The Myrtle Leaf has been recognized as one of the best skin care lines for its integrity and expertise in the use of pure essential oils in skin care. To learn more, visit The Myrtle Leaf online or call 888-544-7873.