Out-Of-This-World MIR Corporation Trip Featured in Huffington Post

A recent Huffington Post article about unique travel possibilities highlights a MIR Corporation tour to Russia. The article discusses how baby-boomers who are reaching retirement are passionate about travel experiences that offer more than just a towel and a beach. Many boomers are seeking to learn and explore on their travels though very hands on experiences. The tour to Russia includes an all-access pass to the Russian space program and is as hands-on as a vacation can be. An excerpt from the article reads, “Participants in this week-long vacation live like the cosmonauts, with up-close VIP viewings of once highly classified training centers. On top of that, they participate in intense training sessions that include zero gravity experiences conducted on the same craft that actual cosmonauts train on. Space explorer wannabes tackle G forces and fly like Superman with arms stretched out. The program culminates in ringside seats at the launching of a manned Soyuz rocket”. This is just one of many adventurous travel opportunities the experts at MIR Corp tailor for their clients.

Pre-launch - transporting Soyuz