Planetary Design’s Double Shot featured in Fresh Cup Magazine

Fresh Cup Magazine, which specializes in analysis of the coffee and tea industries, includes Planetary Design’s Double Shot, a French Press mug, in its April 2011 issue.

To see the Double Shot in the electronic edition of the magazine, click here and go to page 88.

The Double Shot is not only a French Press and mug combined in one; it also has a storage container on the bottom that can hold enough coffee grounds to make two extra cups of coffee. The stainless steel mug is designed to fit into a car’s drink holder, and with a new, reinforced handle with a carabiner attachment, the Double Shot becomes the perfect travel coffee mug.

Planetary Design, located in Missoula, Montana, created the original French press and mug in one, designing it with a unique plunger system. That first model was called the Big Sky Bistro. Since then, Planetary Design has developed a line of nearly indestructible, stainless steel French Press mugs, Table Top French Presses, drinkware, and the AirScape, a vacuum-seal storage canister ideal for storing coffee or almost any other food. For more information, visit