Pine Creek Sporting Club Members Dress Up for British Tower Shoot.

Long known for some of the finest quail hunting in the Southeast, Pine Creek Sporting Club in Okeechobee, FL is also home to six exciting tower shoots per season.  On February 2, 2013 Pine Creek hosted its First Annual “British Tower Shoot,” where more than 20 Palm Beach notables of the likes of George Gould, Kim Fonseca, and Steve Myers dressed in traditional British shooting gear for a high tower pheasant release.

The morning began with an English breakfast served at 7:30 am, followed by a procedural explanation and the traditional ‘firing of the canon.’ Participants shot until 11 am and then stopped for ‘elevenzies’: sloe gin sherry-boosted consommé sausages and light fare. Pine Creek Shooting Instructor and former World Champion Steve Middleditch, who himself hails from The UK, served as the Master of Ceremonies for the event.

During a tower shoot, 1200 pheasants are released from the tower, climbing high above the trees, giving hunters a fun, fast and challenging hunting opportunity.  Pine Creek’s course boasts 10 shooting stations surrounding an 80-foot tall release tower. The course is located in a large undulating field surrounded in three directions by pristine Florida wilderness. Shooters rotate 10 times during the shoot, giving each hunter a number of challenging shots from all of the stations.