New Paul Gauguin Cruises to South Pacific Announced by Adventure Life

An extension of the informal, relaxing environment of the islands, coupled with five-star service, comfort and luxury, the Paul Gauguin cruise ship is the newest addition to Adventure Life’s series of South Pacific cruises.

As featured on, the Paul Gauguin offers luxury cruises to Bora Bora, Tahiti, Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu Islands, Fiji and Tonga, among others. Name your island paradise of choice, and pick a fitting itinerary with travel dates ranging from February to December.

A local Tahitian group who serve as crew staff, entertainers, and storytellers adds special flair and personality to the atmosphere on board. With one crew member for every 1.5 guests, you are assured the highest level of personal attention and service around the clock.

Because the Paul Gauguin cruise ship is specifically designed to navigate the shallow waters of  French Polynesia, it will grant you access to hidden lagoons that larger ships wouldn’t dare to enter. Explore each destination with exciting off shore excursions, hiking mountains, relaxing on pristine beaches, or snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

The state of the art retractable Marina brings guests down to sea level for easy access to kayaks, windsurfers and zodiacs. If you choose to stay on the ship, participate in  onboard SCUBA diving classes, or enjoy the Deep Nature Spa, Casino or pool side grill.

Whichever of the Paul Gauguin cruises  you select,  it is sure to be an exhilarating adventure of a lifetime.