Ciclismo Classico Patagonia Photography Tour Featured by LA Times

We were excited to see Ciclismo Classico’s new Patagonia wildlife photography tour featured by The Los Angeles Times. This Patagonian hiking and photo itinerary combines Chiloe Island and Torres Del Paine National Park on an idyllic blend of nature, culture and wildlife.

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An excerpt reads:

The tour begins with four days on windswept Chiloé Island off the coast of Chile. Participants will have a chance to photograph remote Chiloé National Park, an area explored by Charles Darwin, hike through Ahuenco Park to an old Japanese shipwreck, and have a traditional meal with locals.

A ferry ride, two-hour flight and five-hour drive will take participants to Torres del Paine National Park for three full days of hiking and photography. The park is known for its mountain peaks and glaciers, as well as animals such as the puma and endangered South Andean deer. Accommodations are in luxury geodesic domes at EcoCamp Patagonia.

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