Outside Television cruises to Antarctica with the Antarctic Dream

Outside Television, Antarctic expedition, Antarctic adventure

Julia Dimon from Outside Television recently cruised to Antarctica with the Antarctic Dream.

Traveling aboard the Antarctic Dream’s classic 11 day/10 night Antarctic expedition, Julia and other passengers had the opportunity to see glaciers, elephant seals, massive icebergs, and LOTS of penguins.  The Antarctic Dream’s smaller capacity vessel provides guests with extraordinary, hands-on access to wildlife, glaciers and massive icebergs, allowing them to have a very personal encounter with the while continent. Passengers aboard The Antarctic Dream often experience up-close encounters with fur seals, humpback whales, leopard seals and orcas, and are able to explore the blue, icy land during two-to-three hour daily zodiac raft excursions and a minimum of three kayaking expeditions per sailing.

Julia’s Antarctic adventures are documented in a video on Outside Television’s website. Check it out!