Outside Magazine: Frontiers Mongolia Trip a Bucket List Must

Outside Magazine’s October issue features an article titled, “Big Time: 7 Bucket Trips Across the Globe” which showcases some of the world’s most unique travel opportunities. Among the seven “full-bore, budget-be-damned adventures” is a trip offered by Frontiers International Travel to Mongolia where travelers can combine fishing, hiking, horseback riding and cultural immersion into  one trip. Expeditioners will experience authentic Mongolian culture when feasting on traditional meals such as ‘khorkhog’ and ‘airag’ (vegetable and mutton stew with fermented mare’s milk to chase it). If you think the meals are out-of-this-world just wait until you hook a six-foot Taimen in the Eg River. Throw in Mongolia’s annual Eagle Hunting Festival and you can see why this trip is highlighted as one of the seven you must have on, and must cross off, your bucket list.