Sporting Ranch Capital and CFI Global Showcased in “Open Fences”

An article in the fall issue of Open Fences Magazine featured a double dip of Sublime clients. Sporting Ranch Capital and CFI Global Fisheries Management were both featured in a 2-page article exploring the workings of the unique recreational ranch real estate industry. Jay Ellis, the founder of Sporting Ranch Capital sums up his firms approach by saying, “What we are doing is finding properties that have the potential to be A+ recreational ranches, enhancing the fisheries and wildlife habitats, eliminating access issues, removing unsightly structures, and adding roads, utilities, and high-quality fencing.” CFI specializes in improving river systems to create healthy, sustainable waterways, and often vast stretches of world-class fly fishing (a valuable asset to a recreational ranch property). Sporting Ranch Capital offers use of its properties to financial investors before they are sold. Ellis captures the spirit of this unique practice in the article saying, “Having the choice of world class elk habitats to hunt and blue ribbon fly fishing across the American West is pretty nice IRR for the soul.”