Northern Trust’s Wealth magazine features WildChina ecotourism

WildChina is featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Northern Trust’s Wealth magazine as an ecotourism travel operator. To read the story, click here.

While WildChina tours can include metropolitan areas, the company focuses on the less-traveled parts of China. Yunnan travel in the southwestern area of China has become increasingly popular for its cultural and environmental draws.

One place to stay while visiting China is the renovated estate of a warlord, who built the mansion before the Communist Revolution. The hotel includes Wi-Fi but no TV in an effort to encourage visitors to interact with villagers or possibly tag along with the hotel chef on a trip to the vegetable market.

Experiencing Tibetan culture is another reason to make your destination the Yunnan Province. Wealth magazine spoke with Mei Zhang, who grew up in the area and founded WildChina:

“You can visit the praying halls or join villagers for their local celebrations,” says Zhang, who says visitors’ behaviors naturally change when they’re in this eco-friendly area. “Visitors here walk into everyday life. When you get to these sacred places and everything’s so natural and beautiful, and you see the monks practicing, people are so inspired by their surroundings that they keep quiet and stay out of the way to respect the cultural heritage.”

WildChina is a premium, sustainable travel company based in Beijing. Started in 2000 by Mei Zhang, a native of Yunnan Province and a Harvard MBA, WildChina creates bespoke trips highlighted by rich personal interactions and superior access to experts and venues. Whether you are interested in seeing an untouched landscape, or exploring another side of Shanghai, WildChina’s journeys will undoubtedly allow you to Experience China Differently.