Newsweek features Frontiers’ Argentina dove hunting trip

A dove shooting trip in Argentina, offered by Frontiers Travel, is featured in the July 19 issue of Newsweek. The trip is referred to as La Dormida for its luxury lodge, located northeast of Córdoba.

Despite the 23 million doves living in the area, giving it the reputation as the world’s best dove shooting, writer Jerry Guo still had trouble finding the birds with his bullets:

While the mechanics of dove hunting may look easy, I quickly realized it’s more than just point and shoot. You can’t simply aim in the rough vicinity of a huge cloud of birds and expect to hit any. Rather, you have to calculate exactly how far in front to shoot, given a slew of variables including the spray pattern of the gun, the distance to the bird, and the direction and speed of the wind and target.

Frontiers offers many other sporting trips, including saltwater and freshwater fishing, in addition to shooting. Destinations are scattered across every continent. While bird shooting trips are popular, Frontiers also offers big game trips to Africa and New Zealand, as well as in North America.