Adventure Life Destinations Featured in New York Times Best Places to Travel 2012

The New York Time published  its annual “The 45 Places to Go in 2012” article this weekend and several of the recommended destinations are Latin American countries the award-winning small group tour operator Adventure Life has specialized in for more than a decade.

Panama was named the #1 best places to travel in 2012.  Adventure Life offers an array of Panama tours that include amazing  snorkeling and diving, rainforest adventures, and picturesque islands. A Panama tour of Isla Bastimentos reveals an ecosystem budding with both land and marine wildlife, while a Panama Canal tour showcases the manmade “eighth wonder of the world.” Whether hiking through rainforests or enjoying the chill nightlife of Bocas del Toro, travelers will forever associate Panama with the best in natural and cultural landscapes.

If I had to pick one of Adventure Life’s Panama tours, it would be Discover Panama. Travelers explore the highlands of Boquete near the Costa Rica border, hike in cloudforests,  whitewater raft the Chiriqui River and spend  a couple days around Bocas del Toro, snorkeling,  kayaking and soaking in the sun.

Seeing the beauty of Panama leaves no question as to why The New York Times named it one of the 45 Best Places to Go in 2012

Another of The New York Times’ best places to travel in 2012 is the Chilean Patagonia. Patagonia travel reveals the diverse and remote beauty of southern Chile and Argentina and is as varied as the terrain. Adventure Life Patagonia tours expose travelers to an otherworldly landscape gushing with turquoise lakes, green hillsides, and ice-capped mountains. As if that’s not enough visual stimulation, Patagonia tours can also include leaping dolphins and cresting whales.

My favorite Adventure Life Patagonia tour is called Patagonia Panorama. Travelers embark from Argentina, where they lace their boots and take to the mountains for a 4-day Patagonia trekking adventure. The highlight of this trek is exploring  the glaciated Fitz Roy Range, arguably one of the most inspiring mountain areas in all the Andes. After warming up with a week on the eastern side of the continental divide,  you cross the border and enter Chilean Patagonia. From there trekkers spend 6 days exploring by foot the remarkable Torres del Paine National Park -home to the W Circuit, enormous glaciers, turquoise lakes, and verdant temperate rainforests.

The Chilean Patagonia was also named one of the Best Places to Go in 2012. Wow!!