Sporting Ranch Capital & CFI Global Fisheries Management Featured in New York Times

Sporting Ranch Capital and CFI Global Fisheries Management were featured in an extensive New York Times feature story titled, “Restoring Ranch Land for a Profit, and a ‘Trout Dividend’”.  The author, Sarah Max, detailed the evolution of the private equity fund and the way it utilizes stream restoration and fisheries enhancement firms like CFI Global to increase the value of its investments.

An excerpt reads:

“The first fund raised $30 million among a dozen limited partners and is now fully invested with five properties in Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah. Over the last year, the fund has also restored nearly three miles of river on a 760-acre parcel outside Pagosa Springs, Colo.; enhanced roughly two miles of river, added four lakes and skeet shooting on 518 acres in New Mexico; and started work on a private Yellowstone cutthroat trout fishery near Driggs, Idaho. Mr. Ellis is planning to put all five ranches on the market in 2014 and is confident that these “pristine trophy properties” will sell quickly. Mr. Ellis is now raising a second fund, for $50 million.”