Global Traveler features Ride and Seek’s Napoleon Cycling Expedition

Ride and Seek’s Napoleon Cycling Expedition was recently featured in a story from Global Traveler. Experience total immersion into the landscape, history and culture of the places visited as they ride this inspirational trail on the road less traveled. Divided into 3 stages the Napoleon tour is an exploratory epic ranging the length of Europe into the heart of Russia following in the footsteps of Napoleon’s near 700,000 strong Grande Armée.

Napolean Cycling Expedition, Cycling Tour, Ride and Seek

An excerpt from the story reads:

[…]the new 43-day cycling tour from Australian adventure company Ride & Seek brings you all the way from Paris to Moscow, following the path of Napoleon Bonaparte. Traversing two continents and seven countries, the tour is broken into three stages, taking place from July 2–Aug. 13, 2016. Designed to be an immersive experience into landscape and culture, the journey stages are Paris to Bautzen, Bautzen to Vilnius, and Vilnius to Moscow.

Highlights include the Champagne region of France, castles and hillsides in southern Germany,Poland’s UNESCO-protected medieval villages, a stretch of Poland to the North Sea, plus St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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