MIR Corp’s Founder Douglas Grimes Featured in Wall Street Journal

Douglas Grimes, founder of the luxury adventure travel company, MIR Corporation, was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal for their article on Guides for Risky Travels. During Soviet times, ordinary citizens took a calculated risk in speaking with Americans. But once they invited Doug into their homes, they threw caution to the wind. Their far-ranging all-night conversations in countless Russian kitchens surprised him in their intensity and in his open-hearted reaction to them. Doug fell hopelessly in love with Russia.

Siberia, rail journey, adventure travel

An excerpt from the article reads:

Rich seams of Buddhism and shamanism still exist in the Siberian republic of Tuva—briefly a sovereign nation recognized by the Soviet Union. Grimes, a Russia specialist, excels here and in neighboring Buryatia, where he offers husky-sledding expeditions on a frozen Lake Baikal—the world’s oldest and deepest.

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