MIR Corporation: One of the world’s best adventure travel companies

MIR Corporation, a company with 25+ years of experience leading and designing tours to Russia and Central Asia, was recently named one of the best adventure travel companies by About.com.

As stated by About.com author Lois Friedland, “Founded by an American who visited Russia with a goodwill volleyball tour during the height of the Cold War, MIR Corporation focuses on Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The word MIR means “peace” and “world” in Russian, and those have been the key words in creating trips to some of the world’s most under-explored places since Douglas Grimes started this American-based company in 1986.”

In Douglas Grimes’ own words, “Our goal is to offer the most enjoyable and rewarding way to experience Russia and Central Asia. We have spent the last two and a half decades crisscrossing the area, traveling the back roads, sustaining long-term friendships and developing important contacts that we put to use every day. Our travelers don’t just pass through our destinations; they tap into the culture.”

While MIR’s fully-customizable Destination by Design tours are some of their most popular travel options, they also offer a wide variety of pre-planned itineraries. Whether you are interested in a Silk road tour or Trans-Siberian travel, according to About.com, “MIR’s trips are designed to help adventurous and curious travelers discover what they share in common with people around the world through an imaginative variety of exotic journeys.”

If you are thinking about going to Russia, look no further than the expertly-designed tours offered by MIR Corporation.

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