Luxury Iran Tours Featured in Paste Magazine & New York Times

Paste Magazine and the New York Times recently featured stories about MIR Corporation’s guided tours of Iran. According to the articles, January’s sanctions removal helped revive the Islamic Republic’s tourism appeal among Americans. The result was a surge of bookings from Americans undeterred by a State Department warning.

An excerpt from The New York Times reads: In response to an increase in inquiries, the Seattle-based MIR Corporation, which has been operating in Iran for 15 years, has added new train trips and small group departures in the country this year, for a total of about 10 different trips.

“We’d seen it for a while but as people become comfortable with Iran on the world scene, they think it may be a good time to do something they may have wanted to do for a while,” said Annie Lucas, vice president at Mir. “We feel there’s pent-up demand on the part of intrepid travelers.”

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