Luxist features Hall and Hall ranch on Rocky Mountain Front features Choteau Mountain Ranch, a Hall and Hall listing on Montana’s stunning Rocky Mountain Front, as its Estate of the Day. The 8,540-acre ranch is listed at $10.995 million.’s Deidre Woollard writes:

The lands are situated with the Teton River passing through on the south, but primarily lie to the north of the river and are immediately adjacent to Lewis and Clark National Forest Lands that transition into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area on what is known as the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

As a Rocky Mountain ranch, this property possesses a unique advantage in variety of wildlife. While many ranches feature some wildlife, virtually every big game species in Montana can be found on Choteau Mountain Ranch. This spectrum includes mountain goats, big horn sheep, elk, mule and whitetail deer, antelope, moose, black and grizzly bear, grey wolf, and mountain lion.

This Montana ranch for sale includes a main home and guest cabins as well as a complete set-up for livestock management, an indoor arena, full shop, and miles of new fencing.

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