LA Times Travel recommends taking a kung fu family vacation with WildChina

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WildChina was recently featured in an international travel article in the Los Angeles Times.

Here’s what the writers at the LA Times had to say about one of WildChina’s most popular China family travel adventures:

“’A Cultural Family Vacation’ provides interactive experiences in which visitors are immersed in China’s rich culture — learn kung fu from a student monk, make dumplings in a traditional Beijing home and meet Naxi and Bai villagers. Also on the itinerary: the Great Wall, the terra-cotta warriors and a performance by Shanghai acrobats.”

Ideal for families with children between 6-16 years old, the WildChina “Cultural Family Vacation” trip makes learning about China fun and interactive. During the day you’ll have the opportunity to make hand-pulled noodles (just like in Kung Fu Panda!), learn the martial art of kung fu, and visit a local countryside elementary school. In the evening, you’ll feel right at home in family-friendly accommodations. Take your family on the vacation of a lifetime and explore China’s cultural and natural diversity in greater depth.

Visit WildChina’s website to see other kung fu travel and China family vacation options.

international travel, China family travel, kung fu travel

Visit the Jinjiang Primary School in Longsheng and join the students in their classroom.