JustLuxe says WildChina links modern luxury with ancient China

JustLuxe, a lifestyle guide for the affluent, features award-winning adventure travel company WildChina’s new offering, the WildChina Collection. Through the Collection – an alliance between WildChina and the top boutique hotels in China – travelers can explore the most remote regions of the country via Circuits. Hotels of a region form Circuits that create unique experiences without sacrificing comfort.

JustLuxe’s Carly Zinderman writes:

One such tour is the Songtsam Circuit: Secrets of Shangri-la tour option. Guests can “unlock the secrets of Shangri-la,” one of the world’s most romanticized locales. Near the eastern edge of the Himalayas, many ethnic cultures can be found as well as breathtaking scenery including snowy mountain peaks and rice-growing valleys.

Songtsam has five lodges, each offering spectacular glimpses into the region, including Songtsam Lodge, sitting at the foot of the 300-year-old Songzanlin Monastery; Benzilan Lodge, located in a lush green valley amidst barley fields and fruit orchards irrigated by snow melt runoffs; and Songtsam Meili Lodge sitting on a high bluff overlooking the entire Meili Mountain range.

Founded in 2000, WildChina specializes in sustainable travel through China and works with travelers to draw up specialized itineraries for China adventure travel. The company also offers organized trips on specific dates, such as Family Adventures in Tibet: On the Roof of the World and the Salween to Mekong Trek – Hiking the French Explorers’ Route into Tibet’s heartland. More information and itineraries can be found at http://wildchina.com/.