Julia Dimon mentions The Antarctic Dream in December newsletter

Julia Dimon, travel TV host and travel writer, mentions her upcoming departure on The Antarctic Dream in her monthly newsletter at TravelJunkieJulia.com.

Dimon has traveled around the world four times, hitting every continent except Antarctica. In her newsletter, she writes:

I’m prepping for my big trip to Antarctica in early January! Start’n the year off right with penguins and glaciers on an 11-day cruise offered by Antarctic Dream. For those interested in doing this once-in-a-lifetime adventure for themselves, check out: http://www.antarctic.cl/web_eng/.

The Antarctic Dream is a 78-passenger luxury cruise ship that was originally commissioned by the Chilean navy. Now this modernized ship transports travelers on Antarctic cruise expeditions. An expedition with The Antarctic Dream features up-close wildlife encounters both on land and in the ocean, kayaking in Antarctica, and Antarctic camping, new for 2011.