HomeWaters, unique for its fly fishing, featured on Luxist.com

Luxist.com features a story about HomeWaters as a new kind of theme-based destination club: a fly fishing club.

Susan Kime writes:

There is indeed, in my fly fishing experience, a kind of flow derived from the engagement of all the senses: the physical sense of great casting, hearing the rush, and feeling the clear cold of a river, searching for that Trout, and finally, Zen-like, becoming one with the surroundings. As Yeats once wrote, how can you tell the dancer from the dance? Well, you can’t, if you are the dance. Or, as Norman McLean wrote in his classic A River Runs Through It, “In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing.” HomeWaters Club appears to understand this invisible link, and appeals to those who understand it also.

With locations in Pennsylvania and Colorado, HomeWaters offers miles of pristine rivers for fly fishing and trout fishing. Also, the new HomeWaters University provides fly-fishing instruction for beginners, experts and those of any skill level in between.