Ride and Seek’s Hannibal Bike Tour Featured by Lux Worldwide

Ride and Seek’s Hannibal bike tour from Barcelona to Rome was featured by Lux Worldwide, putting you on the trail where the “father of strategy” lead his army through Europe centuries ago. The Epic tour will take you all the way to Rome and will last 28 days, covering 2,600 kilometers. Other options for riders are either the first leg of the trip or the second leg.

Charles Edwards-Freshwater of Lux, describes the trip’s features, “Perhaps one of the best parts of the trip is that everyone gets to sample the way of life of three distinctly different countries. You can sample the local cuisine, spend the rest days exploring the architecture of the area or even just find a spot to relax in and soak in the scenery – the trip itself structured so that you can still treat it as you would any other holiday but with plenty of exercise and excitement in between.”

Read the article from Lux Worldwide here.

Hannibal bike tour

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