Hall and Hall ranches next prime properties after Bell Ranch sale

Luxist.com lists the N Bar Ranch, the Dana Ranch and the G Hanging Dash as the next big properties on the market after the sale of the historic Bell Ranch on August 17. The N Bar, Dana and G Hanging Dash are all Montana ranches listed by Hall and Hall.

The 62,000-acre N Bar Ranch, located 90 miles north of Billings, is listed at $45 million. The N Bar spreads across the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

The Dana Ranch, also listed at $45 million, is a 59,000-acre ranch that supports 3,000 animal units.

The $32.5-million G Hanging Dash holds a prized location: the confluence of four of the best trout rivers in Montana. Those rivers are the Ruby, the Big Hole, the Beaverhead and the Jefferson.

Hall and Hall is a ranch real estate company that emphasizes land stewardship.

G Hanging Dash in Twin Bridges, Montana

G Hanging Dash in Twin Bridges, Montana