Hall and Hall property makes MSN.com “Top 10 Biggest Properties for Sale” List

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Dana Ranch supports 3,000 cattle, an abundance of wildlife, and world-class fisheries.

In a recent MSN.com article about land for sale, Dana Ranch was listed as the 6th largest property currently on the market.

Dana Ranch, offered by Hall and Hall Auctions, runs on nearly 60,000 acres, of which 45,058 is deeded This Montana ranch for sale is, without a doubt, a true “Legacy Ranch” — a ranch that no family would ever want to part with, instead preferring to pass it on as a legacy to future generations. It has been treasured by only two owners over the last nearly 100 years and has operated profitably in even the toughest economic times.

Conveniently located near Great Falls, Dana Ranch is estimated to carry 3,000 animal units along with a large recreational/wildlife component that includes massive elk herds, over 18 miles of “Blue Ribbon” quality fisheries, extensive upland bird, water fowl and pheasant habitat, and significant populations of mule deer, whitetail deer and antelope.

To view other farm and ranch auctions, visit Hall and Hall’s website. www.hallandhall.com