Golfweek Reviews the Sun Mountain Speed Cart

David Dusek, a senior writer for Golfweek, has always preferred walking the golf course over using a cart. That is, until a couple months ago, when Dusek went through knee surgery which rendered him unable to carry his own clubs. In a recent article, Dusek writes about the Sun Mountain Speed Cart golf push cart saying, “Until last month, walking had meant carrying my bag … Now, however, walking means using a push cart. And I’ve got to tell you, I love it.”

In this article, Dusek talks about how he was reluctant to switch over to using a push cart, but quickly realized how convenient they are. He writes, “I saw how much nicer today’s push carts are than the rusty contraptions I remember from my junior golf days”.

Image result for push cart gt

The article gives an overview of the Sun Mountain Speed Cart, as well as a few tips for anyone who is considering purchasing a golf push cart.


Check out the Golfweek article here.

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