Golf Magazine selects Sun Mountain as one of the Best Golf Bags of 2011

Today’s golf carry bags encourage efficiency and organization. In fact, some even claim to help improve your golf game. According to the September 2011 issue of Golf Magazine, the Sun Mountain Swift ZG golf bag might do exactly that.

As stated by Jessica Marksbury:

“The Swift ZG combines the best of Sun Mountain’s popular Zero-G and Swift X models. Wrapping the cleverly designed belt around your waist transfers the majority of carrying weight to your hips (much like a hiking backpack). The result is improved posture, less upper-body fatigue and reduced twisting and bouncing — a true walker’s delight.”

The 2011 Sun Mountain Swift ZG Golf Bag is available in White/Royal/Black, White/Red/Black and Black with a full-suggested retail of $199. Explore all the Sun Mountain Golf Bags on their website.