Golf Digest Awards Sun Mountain Sports

Golf Digest released its 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards and gave a lot of love to Sun Mountain Sports. The list names five Sun Mountain bags as Best Golf Bags for 2018, the new Pathfinder 3 golf push cart as the Best Club Transport, and the ClubGlider meridian as the Best Golf Travel Cover.
Sun Mountain winners of the 2018 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice awards are the 2.5+ for Ultralightweight Golf Bag, 4.5LS Supercharged for Golf Carry Bag, C-130 Supercharged for Golf Cart Bag, H2NO Lite for Waterproof Golf Bag, ClubGlider Meridian for Golf Travel Bag, the Pathfinder 3 for Golf Push Cart, and the ClubGlider Meridian for Best Travel Cover.
The Supercharged C-130 and 4.5LS are new for 2018 and slated to be available in June and September, respectively.
4.5 Supercharged Navy_White_Red.jpgC130 Supercharged Navy_White_Red.jpg

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Best Club Transport – Pathfinder 3

Best Golf Bags – 2.5+, Supercharged 4.5LS/C-130, H2NO Lite

Best Travel Cover – ClubGlider Meridian

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