Golf Digest Awards Sun Mountain Speed Cart With Hot List Gold

In the August issue of Golf  Digest magazine, Sun Mountain’s Speed Cart SV1 was awarded the Golf Push Cart Hot List gold award.

The editors tested 12 golf push carts and picked seven of their favorites. Two of the seven were the Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1 three-wheeled golf push cart and the four-wheeled Sun Mountain Micro-Cart.

“We love the roll of the big wheels and the brackets that secure your bag without straps,” the Golf Digest editors said of the Speed Cart SV1.

The editors wrote of the Micro-Cart, “This four-wheel pushcart is stable and surprisingly light, and it quickly folds into a compact size.”

Sun Mountain innovated the golf cart in 1999 with the three-wheeled Speed Cart. Sun Mountain now offers the Speed Cart V1 and SV1, and the four-wheeled Micro-Cart.