Garden & Gun Does Massive Piece on Jon Kohler

In a story titled “The Plantation Broker,” that has appeared in the June/July edition of Garden & Gun magazine, T. Edward Nickens takes us into the life of the renowned plantation broker, Jon Kohler.

The story starts off with the author and Kohler taking a pair of bird dogs out into the Red Hills to quail hunt, and give Kohler a chance to show how much the land means to him. His parents bought a Florida ranch when he was four. He grew up there and watched his parents struggle with decisions on what to do with the land. As a junior in college, he realized he wanted to be a plantation broker. From there on, he has spent his whole life fighting for the passion land owners have for their lifestyle.

“So much of my job is listening, and feeling that man’s passion for his land, it just lights a fire under me, to make sure that if he ever does sell that property, that people appreciate what he’s done. That he gets paid for loving the land so much.”

Not only does the ideology of living on a plantation fuel Kohler, but actually preserving the land for the generations to follow after the current owners pass on. “The last ten years was a scary time,” Bill Palmer says, CEO of Tall Timber. “There was a lot of turnover in plantation ownership. It could have been a game changer depending on what kind of new ownership came in. Jon played a key role in keeping this area together.”

Read the story of Jon Kohler and Associates front man from Garden & Gun.


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