Frontiers CEO quoted in round-up of new winter travel trends, a Canadian travel agency, spoke with Frontiers Travel co-owner Mollie Fitzgerald about travel trends that have been emerging this winter.

According to Fitzgerald, an increasing number of travelers have been heading for the Middle East and North Africa, especially Egypt. Fitzgerald said:

“I have more bookings right now for 2011 in Egypt than the past two years combined. We’re also getting more and more requests for Dubai, both as standalone trips and stopovers en route to East Africa, India and the Indian Ocean islands.”

Fitzgerald oversees the Elegant Journeys division of Frontiers Travel. Through Elegant Journeys, travelers take trips focused more on culture, including wine tasting in Chile and photographic safaris in Africa. Sporting trips, such as Atlantic salmon fishing and wingshooting, are handled through Frontiers, which began as an adventure travel company.