Forbes Life recommends High Lonesome Ranch & Frontiers Travel

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As stated in a recent CNN article about adventure travel, “the key to successful adventure travel is finding a trustworthy outfitter.”

Depending on your interests, CNN states that there can be many different options.

“Whether you want to leap from a helicopter onto the icy slopes below or cycle through the Italian countryside, adventure travel is filled with niche experiences for any personality. “The first thing is to make sure it’s something that you’re capable of and enjoy doing, and that it is worth spending the money and vacation time,” said Greg Melville, an Outside Magazine contributor and avid adventurer. “And once you’re confident in that, then you start researching the best places to go.”

A recent Forbes Life article about High Lonesome Ranch suggested that, for some people, a weekend of fly-fishing and hunting can be the perfect adventure travel getaway.

“Guests at High Lonesome stay in houses – perfect for families – cabins, or the Kimball Creek tents. The more remote cabins are generally used by big game hunters.” In addition to luxury fly-fishing and hunting, the ranch also offers an extensive equestrian program, as well as cooking classes, wildlife viewing, and mountain biking.

According to Forbes Life, “The best way to book your stay at High Lonesome Ranch is through Frontiers Travel, luxury fly-fishing– and shooting- destination experts who have been in the game for four decades.”  Call 1-800-245-1950 or visit for more information.